Ayurvedic Diet Plan

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Follow this rule for a good health:-

 (a) Breakfast - 8am to 10am

A healthy breakfast which provides good nutrition like / Seeds / Soaked nuts / Daliya with Milk / Oats with Milk / Poha / Upma / Itli Sambar.

 (b) Mid Morning - 11am to 12pm

1 or 2 Seasonal Fruits

 (c) Lunch - (1pm to 3pm) it must be the main meal inclusive of carbohydrate, Protein, fat.

Like - Chapati / Rice / Daal / Rajma / Chole / Kadi / Green Veg / Salted Buttermilk with jeera and ajwain

(d) Evening Snacks - Around 5pm

Roasted Chana / Roasted Peanuts Sprouts / Murmure / fruits & green tea.

 (e) Dinner -  7pm to 9pm it must be like it can be

Chapati - Sabji / Chapati & Moong Daal / khichadi / Boiled vegetable with bread.

 (f) A Glass of milk with turmeric before bed.

 Note – Add one teaspoon ghee at lunch and dinner time if there is no major health complication.